How To Hide Data in Audio Files

Step 1  Download & Install

Download Software form DeepSound Website  and install it.

Step 2 Encode Audio File / Hide Data in Audio File

Run DeepSound and click on Open Carries File.

Select Audio File And click on Open Button.

Click on Add Secret File Button.

and Add here that File Select  Which you want to Hide in your Audio File.

Click on Encode Secret Files Button.

After That, Click on Encrypt Secret Files And then Click on Encrypt Secret Files (AES 256) Checkbox and then Write Down Passwords and then Click Encode Secret Files Button.

after, this process is Completed a pop Notification Will Appear And then Click on OK button And then Your encrypted files will be Saved in Document Folder.

Step 3 Decrypt / Decode Audio Files

Click on Open carries Files And Select or open Your Encrypted Audio File
after that, there will  appear a window it will ask Your Password, then Enter the password You had written.

click OK,

Click on Extract Secret Files button. after that
Your File will decoded on Document Folder.

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