Instagram TV Can It Take on YouTube

                                Instagram TV Can It Take on YouTube

Instagram TV or IG TV maybe you've heard About it maybe you haven't it was just announced by Instagram the other day and is it trying to kill YouTube and does it even have the capability to do that that's kind of what we're gonna be talking about today.

what's the deal with this thing what are my thoughts on it especially as someone who makes videos and where do I think we're gonna go from here so the first thing you may be wondering is obviously while Instagram already does support videos so why is this even a thing well the whole idea is that Instagram kind of wanted to shake things up and add more support for different kinds of videos specifically longer-form videos that can be up to 60 minutes long if you have like a big count and up to 10 minutes long for regular accounts and the most interesting thing is that these are going to be mobile

first which means that they are focusing on vertical videos every video on IG TV will have to be vertical now you could theoretically crop it so you add big giant bars and put a horizontal video in there but it's not gonna look good and there is no horizontal viewing mode in it and the idea is well this is gonna be kind of like a new thing we already have YouTube and it doesn't they say it doesn't really work that great if you're usually holding your phone vertically they say  it's a pain to have to turn your phone and this is a new format that we really haven't seen that much of and I guess  they are kind of right people to do tend to hold their phones vertically most of the time and I guess the idea is they  thought well what if we launch an entire  platform where people didn't have to turn their phone and what's also notable is they didn't just add this as a little feature in the main app

they actually create an entirely new standalone app that you go in and that's the entire reason you would open that app although there is also still the ability to watch the same stuff in the normal app so it's kind of like in both interfaces so is this thing capable of beating YouTube or even are they trying to and you may be surprised to hear that but I actually think that if they do this right they  could get a big piece of YouTube's pie

because here's the thing Instagram announced they passed billion monthly users and YouTube has about one point eight billion so they're not that far  off if you think about in terms of viewership they have the audience where they could if they actually really hit a home run they could probably get a good amount of people using their app just like YouTube does and I do really think that it's good that they created a standalone app

because here's the thing people go on Instagram I have a feeling that if you're going on Instagram you're not really trying to watch long-form  videos you're just kind of scrolling through the feed you're gonna have a low  attention span you're gonna be in low attention span mode whereas if you go on  YouTube you're kind of expecting longer videos so if they launched this new app specifically for longer videos if you

open that app you're gonna kind of  automatically be in a mindset of willing to watch longer videos so I think that  is a really good move that they made and also it's kind of like where does this whole Instagram TV fit in in the whole online video space like if you're gonna be searching for a specific type of video you're gonna go on YouTube to search for it and the only kind of use case I see for
Instagram videos at the moment its kind of like in vlogs like just longer versions of stories you would post on there especially because

it is that whole new form factor and videos that you would put on YouTube have to be reworked to put on Instagram in the first place so I don't really see that much stuff  being exclusively produced for Instagram and I really doubt that there was gonna be a lot of really highly produced stuff put on Instagram because again if you're gonna be spending a lot of time and money on a video I just feel like

YouTube is the more logical place to put it especially because there's no monetization on Instagram videos yet they might work towards that but it's not at the moment and while I don't really care about that I'd never monetize my Instagram feed I know there's a lot of people who maybe they do have a capability of moving videos from YouTube Instagram they're not gonna bother with it if they can't make money if they're already doing it on YouTube

now that being said I did actually create a channel on Instagram that's where they're called and I uploaded a couple of videos that I think work well with the vertical format so one of them was the  settings on iPhone to change and eleven settings on Android to change and they actually work really well because basically, I cropped it where I'm just sitting there you don't need the sides and then for the parts where I'm showing the phone screen well that works out perfectly because

then it just fills up the entire screen so stuff like that I might be moving videos where the formatting works if I can reformat it  and I might potentially even start making Instagrams specific videos if it    makes sense so if you do want to follow me on Instagram or Instagram TV or that I've experienced the

first one is it kind of has a weird interface I don't like how you open it up it automatically starts playing a video even if it's muted because % of  the time when I open it up it's like the for your suggestions and it's just like a lot of garbage just junk BuzzFeed crap that I don't care about watching at all so it's like I don't want it to autoplay and of course there is the following tab which is like the subscriptions feed but it's not front and center I think that should be front center and most of the    time especially on YouTube like why

would you go on and instantly want  something to start playing when usually you have something in mind you want to go to watch I just don't like the whole autoplay thing I also really wish there  was more discovery options like categories right now you only have what's suggested to you like them for you  tab which does not seem to have any rhyme or reason it has nothing to do with any of the accounts of following it's all just garbage like gossip stuff and then the following tab, of course, is    the

only thing I care about so hopefully they do add some sort of way to like filter videos by categories that they don't even have the option to add categories really hope they add that now when you're uploading you can actually choose the thumbnail which I do like one thing I don't like is you can't change  it afterward you can't change the title the description the thumbnail anything after you upload it so you better have gotten it right the first time which is kind of strange because

you can edit posts after you post it on the regular Instagram feed at least the description itself another thing I don't like is the  name like IG TV it's so cumbersome syllables are you kidding me like I  don't see anyone saying Oh yeah I saw that on IG TV it's so much more difficult to say that oh yeah I saw     it on YouTube you know what I mean does not roll off the tongue at all they should have called it like Insta TV or something like that at least a little  bit flowier if that makes sense so where do we go from here and what do I think it's gonna do I actually think that Instagram TV does have the

potential to be successful I think it can carve out at least a little niche  out of YouTube's market share for like vlog stuff I don't know about the high quality stuff I mean I'll see how the  informational videos I post on there work out I'm not really sure how high hopes I have for it but at least I'll     try     I definitely think they're obviously gonna have to continuously and rapidly improve the app based on feedback right now it's really not that intuitive I think they should add a lot more interactive features

like they kind of have with stories like stickers and poles and stuff you can't really do any of that with Instagram TV they really need to add stuff like that I'm sure they are working on stuff like that but right now it just seems so basic I don't  know I 'm not really a fan of it right now I'm gonna kind of be posting on there investing a little bit into it in the hopes it'll improve but I don't know I hope it's not going to go the way of like vine or something like that where they just kind of drop it because

it doesn't work they really need to add stuff to it we'll see but I'd love to hear what you guys thinking again.
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