Kick The Buddy For Android

                                             Kick The Buddy

Kick The Buddy For Android
Kick The Buddy For Android

is a tactic game to calm you down. Now you can get your disappointment on a helpless digital doll. If you are looking for a quick temper to calm down, then look forward.

When it comes to simple ways of torturing this doll, you will get the limit of the sky in this game. With an almost endless arsenal of ways to attack this rag doll, you will soon find your personal favorite. Choose from throwing weapons like sprinkling it, snatching, missiles, grenades and much more. You can also use your imagination to combine several attack methods using household items like fruits or other such as more sharp objects.

There are many options available to control your attacks. You can steal your weapon on your doll to throw it dangerously, or you can catch it directly. You can throw things on the wall or to get a better bad angle, drag your bad doll into the exact position where you want to be. One thing to keep in mind is that you can only reach your extra weapon so that you can effectively pay off your rag doll with the money earned.

Feel a bit comfortable with this Kick the Buddy game, and get rid of that unnecessary stress by killing a little rubbish doll on your everyday life.

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