Best Free multiplayer Browser Games

Best Free multiplayer Browser Games
Vikings Village: Party Hard
Vikings Village: Party Hard

Welcome to the party of Viking! 

First of all, the party goes well, but in the end, the happy party turns into anarchy! Everyone is fighting each other due to insults which he or she have done. You still will not stand and other men need to teach a lesson. Enter the dispute to earn glory and defeat other players. To restore your health, drink beer on the map. Use objects and throw them to harm. Do not forget to use different skills to help you in the dispute. Playing village Vikings is fun: party hard!


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More about Vikings Village: Party Hard
Vikings Village: Party Hard is a high-quality war game. You can view it in your browser for free on CrazyGames. This game is designed with HTML5 technology to work fast in all modern browsers. This game has been played 3,972 times and with a rating of 8.8 / 10, with 48 votes has been received. Do you prefer playing Vikings Village: Party Hard? Then take a look at our other war games like Kart War and Air War 2.


Use your moss to move
Left mouse button to load punch
Right mouse button to block

blast area  

Epic .o is another in the long line of games! In this game, you go across the board, put bombs in strategic places, destroy obstacles in front of you, and if you do all the work, then your opponent too! Gather one of the many power-ups that will help you gain your explosive victory! Do you have to blow up all your enemies or will the chances of victory increase in smoking? 

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More information about is a terrific Bomberman game. See it in your browser directly at, free of charge. To run smoothly in most browsers, it is powered by highly addictive .io game HTML5. This game has 42,376 plays and got a rating of 8.5 / 10 with 585 votes. Did you like to play Then see our other Bomberberg games like Bomb Arena and Playing with Fire 2.

Laser sharks

Shark with laser is an action shooter game where you control your shark to become the best shark with the laser.
Beat, grow and be the best laser shark ever.
How to play
Spacebar = charge and shoot laser
Left click mouse = boost
You can also promote it during laser charging (good for dosing the laser) to cancel it.

Pick the orbs on the floor to get points, level after a certain amount of points and eventually develop. High growth makes your shark strong and sensible. strategy
Charge your laser and shoot, without being hit by other laser sharks.
Use your Boost and keep yourself aware of all the sharks surrounding your laser.

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