How To Get WhatsApp Stickers Feature

Get WhatsApp Stickers Feature

For WhatsApp beta User WhatsApp launched A Stickers Feature And Now Finally You Can Use Stickers in WhatsApp But It is only For beta User So if You Are Not A User then How can you unlock Stickers Option Easily. 

NOTE: Update Your WhatsApp APP

WhatsApp Stickers Feature
WhatsApp Stickers Feature

To Unlock WhatsApp Stickers Feature:

1. You need to download and Install any third-party Stickers Application For WhatsApp 
    You can also download LInk App => WhatsApp Stickers

Stickers App
Stickers App

2. Open Application And Download Any Stickers.

Add stickers

4. And Now, Open WhatsApp App And Click Emoji Button. There you See A New Option that is          Stickers Option.
     if you want to download official WhatsApp Stickers then Clik Add Button and you can uninstall           stickers Application

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