Meta Tags - How Google Meta Tags Impact SEO

Today, I am going to tell you about Meta Tag

Meta Tags - How Google Meta Tags Impact SEO

What Are Meta Tag?

What do you see in the search result before clicking on an article?
if you come to our article from the search engine that happened Because I have used the meta tag in it. The meta tag is important for SEO on which your web page will be standing. meta tag should add manually when you create a blog and website. It is easy to make it.
But this is very important as you are thinking.
Most traffic coming from the search engine if you do SEO and it brings our content to the user's result when he/she search.For which title and description are only responsible.

Meta tag
Meta Tag

Meta Tags

There I bring out 3 Meta tags but it is more than four. You need to use meta tags for increasing your website/blog Traffic from the search engine. if you want to show your websites/blog in the search engine then you should use meta tags.
  • Title Tag
  • Meta Description Attribute
  • Meta Robots Attribute

Title Tag:-

This is not primarily a meta tag, but it is used only in the head section of the web page.
The title tag for the Google search result is for mobile device 78 characters and 70 characters for a desktop device. But it is not necessary that you use all of these for the title. Normally should be 55 characters. Now we can add numbers to this, if you want, add a date to it too. Even if you search on a date limit, your blog post will be in search results. Where possible, keep the title tag short, and use the keyword in it. This search result may help to increase your blog post's ranking and CTR.

Meta Description Attribute

Using this meta tag that gives an overview of the post to the user but according to the google search algorithms, you can use only 160 characters.
 It is very useful to increase your CTR rate. If you do not write a meta description of your blog post, Google itself automatically adds the description to your blog post.
adding different meta descriptions in the blog post does make difference, your blog post becomes more searchable.

Meta Robots Attribute

nofollow tag you can prevent endorsing the link from any other blog from your blog post or its comments box.

Noindex is used to prevent a webpage from going to the search engine. If we use this, the search bots will not show it on the search engine result page.
It is also written in the head section. And it prevents search bots from indexing the page.
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