How to Install Windows XP Professional

NOTE: Before installing a new os, be sure you have a backup data because when Windows XP Professional is Installing then a new operating system will erase all of your data.

Windows XP Professional
Windows XP Professional

Step 1:
Insert Your windows Bootable Disk

Open CD-Rom and insert your Windows XP Professional CD and Close.

Step 2: Boot Your Windows XP Professional CD

Open Boot Manu and select CD- Rom then starts to Booting Windows XP.

Step 4: Windows StepUp

Now! you see on the screen Press Enter. To Install Windows XP so, you did not want to install then Press F3. if you Press Enter on the Next Screen You See Some Windows XP Licensing Agreement
if you Accept it then Press F8.

After Pressing F8, it asks to Repair Windows XP. Press ESC to Don't Repair.

Step 5: Delete Partition To Install Windows XP. 

Press Arrow key to select Partition and Press Enter to install Window on the selected partition if, you To Create a new Partition then Press C. To Delete a Partition Press D.

So, Here I am Pressing Enter Because I Want to Install In this Partition.

Step 6: Select The Type of Instation.

So, Here is Two Type of Instation First is Quick and The 2nd is Standard Instation.

Here I am Choosing Standard Instation,

After that, Your Windows XP  Professional Start to Installing and it takes 30-60 min.

Step 12: Settings, layout, Date And Time, User Name etc.

Here, you need to these Setting time, Username etc. After These Click Finish button.

Step 13: Protecting Your Computer.

Here it asks Few Thing to do. So, choice option as you want. after just Click on Finish Button.

Step 14: Welcome

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