What Is Website? | What Is Blog?

What Is Website?

The website is a means of getting information through the internet. This is typically in the form of HTML or XHTML and is connected to other web pages via the link. Special programs are used to look at websites on computers, which are called web browsers (en: web browser).
Websites are found on the web server (en: webserver). Every website has an internet address called URL: en: URL. Web-browser displays websites according to this address. The web browser uses the HTTP script (en: HTTP) to get them.
The website can be static or dynamic. The static network is always alike, it is built once. The construction of the dynamic webpage is time-consuming and it gives different information according to different parameters.

What Is Blog?

Blogs are a type of personal webpage that is written like a diary. In each blog, some articles, photos and external Links are there. Their subjects can be normal and even special. And this work is called blogging. Many blogs are related to a particular topic and provide news, information or ideas related to that topic. In one blog, links to text, pictures/media and other articles related to that topic can be found. The ability to give their commentary to the readers in the texts gives them an interactive format presentation. Most of the blogs are primarily in text form, although some art (art blogs), photographs (photography blogs) Are also focused on video, music (MP3 blogs) and audio (podcasting).

There are several ways to create a blog, the easiest way is to open an account on any one of the sites like Blogspot like LiveSpot or LiveJournal or WordPress etc, and start writing on one of the other sites. Another type of notebook is subtle Is called a blogger. There are very short sized posts in it.
As of December 2007, 112,000,000 blogs were being tracked by Blog Search Engine Technorati.

In today's computer world there is a huge trend of the blog. Blogs of many famous celebrities read with great passion and send their thoughts on them. On blogs, people write on topics of their choice and many blogs are famous all over the world, which are referred to in many policy-making issues. The blog was started with the first website launched in 1992. Later, the banker caught up in the last year of the 1990s. Early blogs were about basic computer information But later the blogs of several topics started to appear. At present, the person who has a slight interest in writing can make his own blog, since it is free and can write his writing to the whole world.

Political views, advertisement of products, research paper and education are also shared on the posts. Many people also file their complaints on the letters and send them to others. These complaints are used from drab-leaked language to extremely scruff languages. In 2004, the word "word" was officially included in Merriam-Webster. Many people have now started living in contact with each other through letters. Thus, in such a way, the blogger or blogger has now become the means of living in the personal contact with the world as well. Many companies have begun to offer many facilities to simplify the services of your blogs.

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