5 Ways to Gain More Instagram Followers | Become an Instagram Influencer!

Do you wanna be famous on Instagram?

5 Ways to Gain More Instagram Followers | Become an Instagram Influencer!

Well, of course, you do who doesn't? On these days famous people are like celebrities!

Well, just follow these five Tips

Hey, everyone, I'm Shrawan Kumar and today I'm gonna share with you five ways you can explode
your Instagram growth.

Tip number 1.

Some people have told you that "Leave comment and like and follow other's Post" who are popular so that way you get more followers?

Sure that's true but it's a half piece of paper. And here's what I mean.
If you start following models


and you start on their stuff then those followers are see your comments and on your profile they start liking your photos and comments.

The 2nd Tip.

Is post visual and emotional content consistently. If people aren't bonding
with your content and you know you what missing in your content it's not visual and emotional they're not gonna keep following you
they're not gonna leave a comment.
they're not gonna like your stuff.
It has to be super emotional.

Just think about it if your posted some like " Boring ".

then what Happened?

The 3rd Tip

Submit your content to other Instagram accounts. 

And here's what I mean by that. There are Instagram accounts on everything. Find people who have ton of follower and give your post. Make sure on the post is Tag you.

The 4th Tip

collaborate with other influencers.

You will already seen like this image on Instagram where people post pictures of each other and they both tag each other on each other's profile and this helps get more followers.
make sure you are tag in the image.

The LAST Tip
Make sure you're posting pictures with memes.
Tag a friend who you love to go here with doing some in creative.


Hi! This is TricksandTips......
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