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What Is Google?

Google search is a search engine on the Web by Google Inc. and it is the most used search engine on the internet. Through its various services. The main purpose of Google search is to search content from web pages in comparison to other materials, such as Google Image Search. Originally Google is was developed by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in 1997.

Google Search offers at least 22 special features beyond the original word search capability. These include synonyms, weather forecasts, time zones, stock quotes, maps, earthquake data, movie showtimes, airports, home listings, and sports scores Includes. (See below: Special Features). Numbers, prices, temperature,  plus / unit conversions ("10.5 cm in inches"), calculation (3 * 4 + sqrt (6) -pi / 2), package tracking including the scope of here (70..73) Special features such as patents, area codes, and language translations of displayed pages are available.

Search results on Google's search results pages (ghits for Google hits) are based on a part of a priority rank called "PageRank" in one part. Use of Google search boolean operators for customary searches (see below: search options): Exclusion ("-XX"), inclusion ("+ xx"), option ("xx or yy") and wildcard (" x * x ").

Search Engine

A large part of Google's success is due to the patented algorithm called Page Rank, which provides the rank of web pages by matching the search formula. Before the ranking of search results The main word (keyword) based method, used in many search engines, was more popular than Google ever, depending on the rank of pages on the basis of how often the page was lost. Word of the word is repeated or discover how strongly connected within each resulting page. Page Rank Algorithm Instead of analyzing human-born links, it assumes that web pages linked to many important pages can be important to themselves. The algorithm calculates the recursive score for the pages and it is based on the composite pair of page rank of the pages linked to them. Page rank can be considered a good correlation with the concepts of human importance. In addition to PageRank, Google has adopted many other secret criteria for determining the ranking of pages on results lists over the last several years, which are reported as about 200 different indicators. Avoiding spammers and Google To maintain an edge over the competitors, their details are kept secret.

Search result

The exact percentage of web pages indexed by Google is not known, because, in fact, a calculation is very difficult. Google not only indexes and secretly stores web pages, but also receives "snapshots (snapshots)" of other types of files, including PDF, Word content, Excel spreadsheet, Flash SWF, Plain text files and others. The secretly stored version (X) is a conversion of HTML except for cases of text and SFF files; That allows them to read the file without applying equivalent visibility.

By defining an already selected default language and using the "Safe Search" filtering technology, users can customize the search engine and determine the number of results shown on each page. Google is also criticized for long-term cookies (data sent by the internet server) on users' machines to collect this preference, which is a strategy that allows them to track the user's search rules and Enables to retain the data for more than a year. For any query, the first 1000 results can be shown in the maximum number of 100 per page. The ability to specify the number of results is available only when the "Quick Search" option is not enabled. If "quick search" is enabled, only 10 results will be displayed in contrast to the setting.

Unlisted data

In spite of its huge list, a significant amount of data is available on online databases, which can be accessed through questions, not through links. This is called invisible or deep web is minimally covered by Google and other search engines.  Deep Web has a library list, official legislative documents of government, phone book or other materials, which are dynamic for responding to a question Are formulated.

Some countries are prohibited from seeing some links due to privacy. For example, in Switzerland, a person can force Google Inc. to remove the link in which his name is.

Google Optimization

Since Google is the most popular search engine, many webmasters have become keen on influencing Google's ranking of their websites. An industry of consultants has been created, which helps in increasing the ranking of websites on Google and other search engines. This field, called search engine optimization, attempts to detect patterns in the search engine index and then develops the mechanism to improve rankings by attracting more searchers to their client's sites.

Search engine optimization includes both "on page" factors (such as body copy, title element, H1 title element, and image alt attribute features) and off-page optimization factors, (such as anchor text and page rank). There is a general idea of affecting Google's relevant algorithm, "Ons include keywords targeted at various pages, especially in the title element and body copy. (Note: The above will be the number on the page, it is assumed that the keywords Will be equally prominent and ranking too). To find more of the keyword, however, the page causes Google to be suspicious of the spam checking algorithm.

Google has published guidelines for website owners, which can increase their ranking using legitimate optimization consultants.
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