How To Enable Dark Mode On Every Website

Dark Themes are awesome and it's good that more and more attract are making them available in their apps a number of websites even let users use dark themes when being viewed within web browsers also a lot of them don't like

How cool would it be to have a dark background on Google well luckily you can and in this short Post I'm gonna show you an easy way to make the background on almost any website dark.

So to do this we're gonna be using a browser extension called Dark Reader.

Dark Reader
You just need to click on a link for the particular Web Browser that you're using and currently, Dark Reader is available for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari 

So I'm gonna click on Chrome which takes me directly to the Chrome Web Store and here all I have to do is click on the Add button click Add again and that's it the process is basically the same for Firefox.

If you're on Mac OS using this extension will cost you now have in mind that it doesn't work a hundred percent of the time but more often than not at least in my experience it works like a charm and it looks great to change the browser theme to a darker one and it looks even better the cool thing about this extension is that it allows you to tweak things like the brightness contrast greyscale etc

So in case you're not happy with the default theme, you can always adjust it in the settings another great thing is that you can add exceptions.


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