Keyword Keg

This is a tool is used to find Long-tail Keywords, competition and more.

Tools of Keyword Keg:-

1. Find Keyword Tool

First Is 'Find Keyword Tool' Tool In this tool you can enter 30 seed of keyword at one time and it will suggest the best keyword For you from 11 APls.

2. Import Keyword Tool

Second tools are called 'Import Keyword Tool' This tool you can use to quickly get metrics for the keyword that you have already.

3.  Marge Words Tool

Final Tool is called 'Marge Words Tool'  Basically it is used to generate multiple Combination of the keyword with Metrics.

Keyword Keg Features:- 

  • Multiple Seed Keywords
  • Google Adwords Data + Clickstream Data
  • SERP
  • Import Keywords
  • SEO Metrics
  • 11 Suggest APIs
  • Categorize by Intent
  • Sort & Filter
  • Export Data

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