Mozilla Firefox Lite is with launch, express VPN and fast browsing features in India

Indian Internet users in addition to Google Chrome, the Mozilla Firefox web browser is the most used. Users will now be able to use this browser as well as on their desktop. The light variant of this browser, Mozilla Firefox Lite has been launched in India. The size of this web browser is quite small, it can also be used in basic smartphones. The Firefox Lite Web Browser has been launched for Android users. This browser is used by Indian users for PCs. Firefox Lite has been launched in addition to India for Android users in Bangladesh, Brunei, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, Philippines and Vietnam.

Mozilla Asia's product head Joe Cheng said that India is the second largest online market in the world at the moment. By 2023, 666.4 million people in India will be 66.4 million mobile users. Most of these users are mobile phone internet users who use entry-level alternatives to replace expensive landline connections, desktop PCs. That's a huge opportunity for us to improve the mobile browsing experience.

Speaking of the features of this browser, its size is only 4 MB, which is 10 times lower than Google Chrome and other mobile browsers. Apart from this, users will not need to spend much data to update it.

In Firefox Lite, Android users have been given host features to improve web browsing. According to the company's claim, it also has a turbo mode which comes with the third-party ad tracking code, due to which the browser automatically blocks the ad. Because of which users will not have problems in using the internet. No site will take much time to load. Apart from this, features such as Express VPN have also been provided for VPN browsing.
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