How to Disable Comments in WordPress ∣ WordPress Disable Comments

WordPress Disable Comments It's Easy to Diable Comment in Wordpress and Also is bad or Good For Your Website or Blog.

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How to Disable Comments in WordPress ∣ WordPress Disable Comments

Disable Wordpress Comment Plugin

WordPress Disable Comments

Download Disable Comment Plugin By Samir Shah.

this plugin Disable Comment from any Posts, Pages, etc. and Also Remove all Comment filed from quick edit and Edit.


  • It hides all “Comments”
  • It hides all comment-related Option or Section Form Wordpress Dashboard Like (Recent Comments”, “Discussion” etc.)
  • All comment widgets are disabled by Disable Comment Plugin then your theme cannot use them.
  • The “Discussion” settings are not showing you
  • It disables all comment RSS/Atom Feed.

How To Stop Comment on all Feature (Posts and Pages)?

How To Stop Comment on all Feature Posts and Pages

It does not allow the user to comment on your article. it's By. default enable on Wordpress and it's easy to change it.

To Stop Comments, Admin Panel and Go To Setting.

  • Click Discussion Option
  • Uncheck the option “allow people to post comments on new articles"
  • Click  on "Save Button,"
How To Stop All Comment on Published Posts or Pages?

To Stop all comment on Post or Page that you already Published. 

Open your WordPress Admin Panel and Click on Comment Section.
Select your All Comment and Move it into Trash.

WordPress Move Comment into Trash

How To Stop Comment on individual posts?

First, click the edit button on that Post which you want to Stop comment
and on the top of the screen Find Screen Option.
Click on it and Select the only Discussion. then on the Footer Appear a Discussion Box.
And uncheck The Option.

enable comments on individual posts or pages

And Here is also A Another Method

Open Posts Section and Click quick edit on your Post.

quick way to Disable Comment on Post or pages

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