Paypal Link Bank Account Not Working

Hello, Friends, it's Tech-Doc and here some information for you, If your PayPal link bank account
not working here some Tricks For you.

Paypal Link Bank Account not working
Paypal Link Bank Account not working

1. First, you check what's type account you open in PayPal there three types of account.
   * Merchant Paypal account
   * Personal Paypal account
   * Business Paypal account

   * Merchant Paypal Account

   If you open merchant PayPal account and your PayPal link account working please contact the
   PayPal support team because of merchant account some limitation and their huge terms and
   the condition they always matter in this case.

   * Personal Paypal account

   Personal Paypal account there some issues like account link from bank please check it
   also and if your bank account linked show in a PayPal account, then go to your bank and tell
   the problem in the bank and fill a form of international transaction funding worldwide.
   if this is not working in account please link your bank account from PayPal and reconnect
   to PayPal, it's also working.

   * Business Paypal Account

   Business Paypal Account it's to complication and I think please check the limits of your
   PayPal sends and receives money sometimes it's cross the amount that you set it here.
   The last option is to contact the support team of Paypal company.

   Thank you
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