WhatsApp Now Allows Consecutive Audio Message Feature:

In the newest update of WhatsApp gives for Android users, Consecutive listen to voice messages.

WhatsApp is trying you connect with your Family and Friends quickly and effectively. this reason to update. they improve the user experience.

The new update will try to speed up the time to listen to audio messages. Because we all have that friend or relative who sends you voice messages.

WhatsApp Update

Listen to the audio message quickly:

Many times by going on public transport or having our hands busy with other tasks, Th we decide to send audio. This sometimes makes the speed of the messages much slower. Since reading a message in seconds is not the same as listening to minutes audios.

That's the reason WhatsApp updated the application so, you can listen to voice messages faster.

For example, if someone sends you 10 audio notes followed by several minutes each. You can play the first one and continue with your activities while listening to them. 
Since the 10 notes will be played automatically without you need to play any of them. 
Besides that, you will not need to be watching the screen or you will lose when you play the same note twice.

When all it plays the will voice notes, and it will over, then you can hear an alert sound. This will show that all Audio messages will over so, then you can respond.

In fact, This feature was already available for IOS devices. So it is the first time that Android users can enjoy this new Feature of the WhatsApp.
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