Google search New Design, and that's how it looks

Google Search

The Most popular company, Google provides us many apps and services, most of these changes have occurred in Android applications, but that does not mean that web services receive none update, in fact, Google Search has updated now, and its new design is exquisite. Have you seen it?

It is not such a large design, and it is not more noticeable, so you may even go unnoticed at first, however, if you pay attention and you see that when searching for something in Google the search results look the same, but the categories are different.

The categories are the same, even the order is the same, but now the icons have changed, they have a design much more in keeping with Material Theming, even now they coloured on the category, if we look in images then the icon takes the colours and it looks attractive.


It is likely that not everyone can see the new design of Google Search, so, for now, we just have to wait for it to activate in your browser.

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