How To Increase Utorrent Download Speed

Increase Utorrent Download Speed

What is μTorrent?

μTorrent (also known as uTorrent, whose correct pronunciation would be muTorrent, and abbreviated as μT or uT) is a BitTorrent freeware client developed by BitTorrent, Inc... It is available for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X operating systems. They also plan a version native for GNU / Linux. it will write versions of μTorrent are written in C ++ and have translations for 54 languages.3 They design it to use a few computers resources and offer the features of other clients such as Vuze or BitComet.

Step To Increase Utorrent Downloading Speed

  • Pick up High Seeder/Leecher ratio Torrent File that helps you To Increase Downloading Speed
  • Set Maximum download speed in your Utorrent

How to Find the fastest torrent with best Seeder/Leecher ratio.

Whenever you Download any Torrent file, notice, Seeder/Leecher are high Because it helps to Increase Downloading Speed. so, (How Can we check seeder/Leecher ratio) and What is it.

Here is the formula to Check Seeder and Leecher ratio

The formula is Seeds*100/(Seeds+Leechers).

4example -  6000*100/(6000+4000) => 60%
60% is Good

Run Speed Test, This speed show Your Downloading/Uploading Speed.

1. Open website And Click On the "GO" Button.

2. Divided you Download Speed by 8 so. Here is my Download speed is 0.22625 MBPS or 226.25 KBPS

Setting up Utorrent for maximum download speed:

Click "Option" Section then Click on the "Preference" or "Press Ctrl + P" 

Utorrent Setting

When "Preferences" Open then Click On the "General" tab, Down below on the "When Downloading" Section. Checked All these Boxes.

  • Appended Jut to incomplete Files
  • pre-allocate all files
  • prevent standby if there are active Torrents

Two: Bandwidth

First, Open "Bandwidth," Tab, And On the "Global Upload Rate Limiting," Fill "25".
Second, Under The "Number of Connections" Section.

  • Global Maximum Number of connection - 200
  • Maximum number of connected peers per torrent - 200
  • Number of Upload slot per torrent - 4
  • "Checked box" Use additional upload slots if upload speed < 90%

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