How To Hide Seen On Facebook Messenger & Web

read facebook messages without seen

Today in this Article We Going to tell you 3 method to Hide last seen on Messenger And Web. So, let's do some Question And Answers before we have gone Start.

What Is Facebook:

Today Facebook is most using social media in this world And Facebook has Over 1.79 billion Active Users. Facebook launched in February 2004  by Mark Zuckerberg. Facebook also Banned in China. But Today we Can't imagine the internet without Facebook.

According, To Alexa website. An average user spends 17 minute's on Facebook every day. Facebook user numbers are still Growing Day by day. On This Social Media, we able to Message each other Friends and family. we can also Share the post, pic, Videos, Gif, etc..

Facebook has 2 best Real-time Feature on Chat. First is "Typing" is Good and everyone like it. but "Last seen" Feature some people have the problem with this feature.

How Can You Hide Seen on Facebook

1. Hide Seen on Facebook website

Note: This method is to work only Desktop Facebook web.

 1. Click on the Facebook "Messages icon" And Click "All Read in Messenger".

 2. Click on the "Profile" which you want to "Mark as unread".

Facebook user profile
 3. Select "Mark as unread" Option.
Facebook Mark as Unread
 4. Done

2. Hide Seen On Facebook Using An Extension

Note: This Extension method work on Web Version

 1. Install the "Unseen For Facebook" extension.

Click Here To Download "Unseen For Facebook Extension".

unseen extension For Facebook

2. When you Installed this Extension then Restart your Browser.
3. And now, Done All your messages automatically Mark as unread.

3. Hide Seen on Facebook Messenger 

Facebook Messenger provides to Hide Seen Messages on Messenger.

 1. Open Messenger App
 2. Long Press "Profile Name".
 3. Then A pop-up will appear then Click on "Mark as Unread".
 4. Now, you marked messages as "Unread".

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